Leave Me Behind


    Bauer & Lanford released their first single titled ”Rouge” on house label Sunhouse in 2010. The track along with their free soundcloud-releases spread quickly across blogs and they were shortly thereafter contacted by Atlantic Records who requested a remix of the track “Fall In Love” by Estelle.

    Their next single “Another Day” was released by One More Tune/Warner (UK) and during this time their remix of Cazzi Opeia’s “I Belong To You” received big support from Tiesto and was included in Tiesto’s “Club Life Vol 1” in Las Vegas 2011.

    This lead to a total of 7 trips and more than 40 gigs in Brazil in 2011-2012. In the summer of 2012 they released the follow up single “Out Of Control” on Tiesto’s label “Musical Freedom” which garnered support from superstar DJs such as David Guetta, Bingo Players, Nicky Romero, Hardwell and Thomas Gold.

    In early 2013 they signed a deal with Sony Music and are now busy in the studio working with new material. Their next single is titled “Leave Me Behind” and it was released March 25th on Beatport and April 12th on other platforms, accompanied by a video and a remix package.

    Everything began in the fall of 2009 when the two music-studying electro producers from Gothenburg started remixing each other’s tracks and collaborating on different projects. Their mutual admiration and common thrive for creating electronic dance music with genuine musical credibility quickly led to a more permanent alliance.

    Bauer & Lanford was built by their shared vision of creating modern electronic dance music on the foundation of their traditionally schooled musician backgrounds.



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